Kle Mens Kle Mens

Pieta, 4’25, 2016
Directed by: Kle Mens
Cinematography by: Barbara Kaja Kaniewska
Produced by: Aga Dziedzic, Koi Studio
Cast: Kle Mens, Krzyś Pacewicz
Music: Misa Criolla, by Ariel Ramirez, (Remixed), UCLA University Chorus, Chamber Singers & Guitar Ensemble, conducted by Rebecca Lord
Special thanks to: Jasna Sprawa Studio, Warsaw

Kle Mens's exhibition „KATO” in BWA Tarnów in March 2016 sparked nationwide controversy and was contested by Catholic fundamentalists. A group of young militant nationalists interrupted a meeting with Kle Mens in the gallery, chanting and holding a banner „Poland - either Catholic or none”. The artist was defended by regular visitors of BWA Tarnów.

4’25, 2016